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When Mike Bishop was only 11 years old, he started repairing household appliances. “One time our lawn mower broke. I took apart its carburetor and blew out all the grass clippings and got it running again. That’s when I realized that I liked repairing things.”

From 1963 to 1965, Mike taught mechanics during his time in Vietnam as a member of the Army. Then beginning in 1965, Mike became a mechanic after his talent for working on cars was discovered at his job as a lot boy at a dealership in Paramount. He began training as a mechanic at the Toyota headquarters in Torrance and was recognized by management when he repaired a head gasket that was leaking oil without removing the cylinder head.

Next he worked at a Datsun dealer and by 1970, he was teaching adult education classes to women on basic car maintenance and repair. For another year he was a co-owner of a Dyno-shop, which tuned and measured horsepower on cars, while spending his free time driving his jeep up to Pismo Beach to ride among the sand dunes. In 1974, he began applying for jobs along the Central Coast and was hired by Santa Barbara Datsun.

At Datsun, Mike was recognized for inventing a higher voltage diode that could withstand the salt air that was destroying the 12-volt models. He started selling his product to other repair shops in the area and soon met the original owner of Richard’s Imports. When Richard Freeman decided to move out of California in 1978, he sold the business to Mike.

Since then Richard’s Accurate has be recognized for exceptional service and repair by customers and community leaders. Mike has worked hard to maintain the shop’s integrity while keeping up to date with changes in technology. Richard’s Accurate has been recognized by the Santa Barbara Independent’s “Best of” polls for 25 years in a row and has over 700 positive reviews on SureCritic. As a community leader, Richard’s Accurate also donates to the United Boys and Girls Club while providing all vehicle repairs at no cost to the organization. In 2014, Richard’s Accurate also teamed up with Santa Barbara’s Parks and Recreation department, sponsoring all participating bands for the Concerts in the Park series.

From their experience to their community involvement, its easy to see why Richard’s Accurate is the most trusted Santa Barbara auto repair and Santa Barbara car repair.


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